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Our children spend some of the most important time of their lives in school. For that reason alone, we should do everything possible to create a secure school facility. Our schools are centers of numerous activities for our communities, used by many of our friends and neighbors as a meeting place. We need to feel secure that every building is safe - a place where everyone can unite and enjoy the experience of community life with the knowledge that they are in a building that has been planned and constructed be a highly trained workforce that gets it done right. When our schools are planned and built, each step in the process is important to guarantee school buildings are constructed to last a lifetime.

We must require that we have the most qualified construction personnel possible to build our schools. High standards for school construction should not be an option! We must have stringent construction policies in place before we build our schools, to ensure each building is a sanctuary of safety for everyone that walks through the door. There is nothing more important that being absolutely positive that there is a Responsible Contractor Policy in place when your schools are renovated or built. In fact, nearly 50 years ago Michigan's Attorney General observed, "...it is incumbent upon the Board to determine the abilities of any prospective contractor and make the award, if it makes an at all, to the lowest responsible bidder."


Michigan Association for Responsible Contratcing

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